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The main event UFC 249 is going to be Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje Live Stream. for the interim lightweight championship but the location is still unknown nobody knows. where it’s gonna be at they’re saying it’s gonna be somewhere. On the west coast of the United States at least that’s what they’re hoping is gonna happen they kind of zero. In that area, we really don’t know where probably San Francisco. I don’t know that’s been talked about before wherever it’s gonna be this fight is amazing it’s a really good fight. but the fact that Khabib is out of the card officially it’s not only a bummer but it brings a bit of confusion.

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Broadcast: ESPN+

Live Stream: UFC 249 Live Stream

To the whole thing because Khabib just came out in an interview as well as on Instagram. live and he said that he will fight as long as he has a location now. UFC doesn’t have their location does that factor in Khabib not biting because he is kind of stuck in Russia. He could still take a private plane but he doesn’t know where to take that private plane to right now and it seems like the UFC just went forward they don’t want to deal with the headaches possibly I hope they do clarify what happened with the whole hub beef situation because hope he did say he will fight and now he’s not fighting but there is no location which is the thing that he needed to know about in order to fight so they’re still going on and making another main event they’re putting the interim title and this seems to be kind of not.
I want to say a jab at Khabib but probably in a way to stick it to be pulling out of the fight technically speaking by definition, it is kind of a pull out whether it be justified or not is another debate. I believe Khabib not fighting under these circumstances is a pretty good thing. I can understand it I respect this decision although. I do see it as still a pull out of a fight this is also a little bit of an insult to Tony Ferguson. Because they’re doing another interim title fight and Tony never lost his belt in the first place people. Still, look at him as the interim champion and he has to go and win that belt again. Where they’re gonna do is strip him after when he has to go and fight Khabib. There is one good thing about it cuz in reality. He doesn’t actually have the interim title if he goes and secures it the guys just engage.
He also secures his spot to fight Khabib later on in the year after Ramadan ob said he could fight in August or September. That’s what he’s focusing on that’s what he’s addicting and the interim champion usually not so much. Recently but usually historically the interim champion gets the crack at the official champion but when Conor McGregor’s. In the equation, things changed a bit right money talks and we don’t know. What’s gonna happen if that happens if they pass up Tony Ferguson even though he wins the interim championship for Conor McGregor. It’s gonna get a lot of fans upset so hopefully, if Tony Ferguson wins on Saturday, May 9, 2020, he goes and gets that fight against Khabib.
Hopefully, it happens without the world ending without a meteor-like crashing onto the earth now looking at this fight you could put this at any other scenario. Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje Live Stream is the epitome of violence the epitome of action. Two fighters that look for the finish to punish their opponent mentally and physically just in case she’s gonna have the power advantage. Right yes, devastating leg kicks a great countering ability and a great way to stalk the opponent but to think. About this is he has a much shorter reach his output isn’t the same as Tony Ferguson he has nowhere near the cardio. If this goes past the second round Tony Ferguson is going to take this 100% just in case she doesn’t have a full training camp which is something he doesn’t like usually he has turned down short notice fights in the past because he always wants a full training camp for a fight this is a special opportunity for him and even with a full training camp. Just in case he doesn’t have the greatest cardio he’s fighting probably the best-conditioned fighter in UFC history now.
What that said the first two runs are gonna be pretty dicey wildness and the power that just in case she brings he has turned. more of a game plan fighter recently you see him not putting himself in the fire as he used to and he has succeeded. With this sort of cerebral method right three first-round knockouts in a row but I do not see that just engaging in this one I understand he has a great coach and Trevor Wittman good camp behind him but he’s fighting one of the most unpredictable fighters on the roster right now and how could he come with a gameplan less than two weeks from the fight to deal with this guy fighters more experienced in just engage who have been around a lot longer have even trained with Tony Ferguson.
They came to come up with a good game plan for an entire full training camp to deal with this guy but just engage he is gonna do it under two weeks I have a very hard time believing that so as a solution gate she is gonna come out there like how he knows best out of gameplan and that is wildness looking for the knockout every the way a pedal-to-the-metal kind of approach looking for the knockout early and caught bunny Ferguson under the chaos and that is a high probability of happening.
Tony Ferguson although he is very good at slipping punch he is very good at moving away from punches in an unorthodox manner. When he gets hit he gets hit hard that’s the problem here he doesn’t get hit often when he gets hit it usually stumbles him stuns him or even drops him and this is the guy. He does not want to get by cleanly one big shot from Justin Gaethje and it might be all over for Tony Ferguson. Tony’s very good at recovering from damage very good at getting up if he gets knocked down but just in case you might be the most powerful puncher in this entire division and coming out with that wild style. That power is gonna be emphasized against Tony Ferguson here but ultimately the switching of stances the jabs especially Tony Ferguson is a very smart fighter. I guarantee he’s gonna come up with a better game player to deal with a more obvious just engage then vice versa the push kicks are going to counter those like kicks are just engaged.
I also believe Tony Ferguson is going to be the one that’s gonna pressure Gaeshi backward that happens that’s one of the only times and gauge he’s an entire career. Where he’s gonna be in the back foot at that kind of pace. Yeah he was on the back foot a little bit against Eddie Alvarez and also a little bit against Dustin Poirier but this is an entirely different situation this is an entirely different fighter with a terrifying pace and I believe gage is gonna get progressively desperate as the fight plays out when he feels the pressure when he feels the pace when he feels that intensity of Tony Ferguson brings it’s gonna force us to engage you to start covering.
Up bobbing and weaving and only looking to counter with those big overhand I see him getting into a shell trying to get that shot and under the fire that Tony Ferguson is spewing out there and hoping to just get that before it gets too late and I do not really see that happening it’s possible very possible of 24 exam drastic error but more so unlikely I see the fight being pretty even, in the beginning, I see Tony being a little bit cautious as well as picking up the pace step by step and eventually forcing Gaeshi into that shell and once he gets that view I believe it’s going to be target practice as well as Tony Ferguson countering the calendars of just engage he eventually with that long reach of his, I see Tony Ferguson finishing just engage in three rounds and I will make my official prediction video on fight week.
I wonder what else is gonna be on the card its France isn’t god I’m gonna be fighting Jersey Anna Rosen strike what other fights are intact what fights are gonna be scrapped Israel’s, not my units find out draw Hodge again because that’s a fire I really want to see how I understand it’s not the same without Khabib. It just isn’t it’s gonna be a very weird feeling although I’m gonna enjoy the fights I’m gonna watch it I’m gonna enjoy as much as possible just in case you Tony Ferguson. It’s one of the best fights you can ever put on what the circumstances are a little bit unfortunate. I know there are people there saying that they should scrap the card in general just scrap it entirely some people just say is Habibul bust they won’t watch anything unless it’s Kobe first. UFC 249 at the moment and there are people who just want to see a fight under this whole quarantine thing.

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